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Singer, songwriter, visual artist at the age of 8, he joined a choir and developed his passion for song. In 1998 with one of his brothers and his friend, they created the group IRIS whose first single is " Regret ". In 2003, he left the DRCongo for France to continue his studies in visual arts at the School of Fine Arts in Nantes. In Nantes, he worked with producer Philip Jean with whom he produced his first single " Mon apparition " as well as with Dj Night Floor on the Original Player compilation and the Dem's Prod label for the solo project of the artist Silky Shaï, member of the group Tragédie. In 2012 he met Willy William, dj and producer. With him, he made a cover of the title Sunlight of the tropics by Gilbert Montagné. His influences are wide, from classical, through blues, soul, reggae, hip hop, house music, salsa, RnB, folk music and typical Congolese music, Rumba. With intelligence and finesse he managed to mix all these influences to make music full of flavor and emotion. Moridja is a talented artist.

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