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DJ Spawn 972

Dj from the Ile aux Fleurs, he started mixing at the age of 14 in small parties in Martinique, Then at 20, heading to Paris, he met Dj Veeda (Adimix Prod) who allowed him to evolve quickly by giving him additional training! In 2005, the meeting with Dj Yed gave him the opportunity to get involved in events of all kinds to refine his mastery of the mix! From 2006 to 2007, he entered into a partnership with Dj Yed to offer the best of Zouk to private Parisian parties! Between 2008 and 2010, Dj Spawn 972 opened up to different musical currents such as House, Funk, Hip Hop and so many other genres which allowed him to flourish in the profession of DJ and to establish himself in as a Parisian reference. But the Zouk fever being stronger, he returns to his musical origins while bringing some touches of the different musical currents encountered to develop this music so dear to his heart. 2010 to 2011: Years of consecration, proposals for parties and partnerships pour in for this talented DJ for whom music is not a passion but a reason for living. As a result, he set up his own collective of DJs, Sunshine Prod In 2012, he accepted an extraordinary partnership with Twins Prod on a Caribbean Zouk development project in North America

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