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Save Money on Flights with Spirit Airlines | Book Online Now

Spirit Airlines: The Ultimate Guide to Flying with the Ultra Low Cost Carrier

If you are looking for a cheap way to travel across the U.S. and beyond, you might have heard of Spirit Airlines. This airline is known for its ultra low fares, but also for its extra fees and minimal services. So, is it worth flying with Spirit Airlines? And how can you make the most of your experience?

spirit airlines

In this article, we will give you a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about Spirit Airlines, from booking a flight to enjoying your trip. We will also share some tips and tricks to help you save money and time when flying with this carrier.

What is Spirit Airlines and how does it work?

Spirit Airlines is an American low-cost carrier that operates flights to more than 60 destinations in the U.S., the Caribbean, Latin America, and South America. It is headquartered in Miramar, Florida, and has bases in several major airports, such as Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Orlando, and more.

The history and mission of Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines was founded in 1980 as Charter One, a company that offered charter flights from Detroit to Atlantic City. In 1992, it changed its name to Spirit Airlines and started offering scheduled flights to various destinations. In 2007, it became the first U.S. airline to adopt a low-cost business model, charging low base fares and extra fees for everything else, such as bags, seats, snacks, drinks, etc. This is known as the Bare Fare concept.

The mission of Spirit Airlines is to offer travelers the best value in the sky, by providing them with a safe, reliable, and affordable way to fly. Spirit Airlines claims to be the leader in ultra low cost travel, offering some of the lowest fares in the industry. It also boasts having one of the youngest and most fuel-efficient fleets in the U.S., which helps reduce its environmental impact.

The benefits and drawbacks of flying with Spirit Airlines

As with any airline, there are pros and cons to flying with Spirit Airlines. Here are some of the main ones:

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  • You can save a lot of money on your airfare if you travel light and don't need any extra services.

  • You can choose from a wide range of destinations across the U.S. and beyond.

  • You can earn points and rewards by joining the Free Spirit loyalty program or the $9 Fare Club membership.

  • You can enjoy fast Wi-Fi on board, which is claimed to be the fastest of any U.S. based airline.


  • You have to pay for everything that is not included in your base fare, such as bags, seats, snacks, drinks, etc.

  • You may have to deal with long lines, delays, cancellations, or poor customer service.

  • You may have to compromise on comfort and space, as the seats are narrow and have little legroom.

  • You may have to fly from or to secondary airports that are less convenient or accessible.

The Bare Fare and the $9 Fare Club

The Bare Fare is the basic fare that Spirit Airlines offers to its customers. It includes only the transportation of you and a personal item. Everything else is optional and comes with a fee. For example, you have to pay for your carry-on bag, your checked bag, your seat assignment, your boarding pass printing, your snacks and drinks, etc. The fees vary depending on the route, the time of booking, and the weight and size of your bags. You can find the complete list of fees on the Spirit Airlines website. The $9 Fare Club is a membership program that gives you access to exclusive discounts and deals on Spirit Airlines flights and partner services. For an annual fee of $59.95, you can enjoy lower fares, lower bag fees, lower seat fees, and more. You can also add up to eight friends or family members to your membership for an additional $19.95 each. The $9 Fare Club can help you save money if you fly frequently with Spirit Airlines or if you travel with a group. You can join the club online or by phone. How to book a flight with Spirit Airlines

Booking a flight with Spirit Airlines is easy and convenient. You can do it online, on your mobile device, or by phone. Here are some of the steps and features that you should know about:

The online booking process and the website features

To book a flight online, you need to visit the Spirit Airlines website and enter your travel details, such as your origin, destination, dates, number of passengers, etc. You can also choose to search for flexible dates or round-trip fares. Then, you will see a list of available flights and fares for your selected criteria. You can sort and filter the results by price, time, duration, stops, etc.

Once you select your flight, you will be asked to enter your personal information, such as your name, email address, phone number, etc. You will also have the option to add any extras that you want, such as bags, seats, snacks, drinks, insurance, etc. You can see the total price of your booking at the bottom of the page. You can also use a promo code or a voucher if you have one.

After you review your booking details and agree to the terms and conditions, you can proceed to the payment page. You can pay with a credit card, a debit card, or PayPal. You will receive a confirmation email with your itinerary and booking number.

Some of the features that you can find on the Spirit Airlines website are:

  • My Trips: This is where you can manage your existing bookings, such as changing or canceling your flight, adding or modifying your extras, checking in online, etc.

  • Flight Status: This is where you can check the status of any Spirit Airlines flight, such as departure and arrival times, gate information, delays, cancellations, etc.

  • Travel Info: This is where you can find useful information about traveling with Spirit Airlines, such as baggage policy, seat selection, check-in options, in-flight amenities, etc.

  • Deals: This is where you can find the latest offers and promotions from Spirit Airlines and its partners.

The mobile app and the check-in options

If you prefer to book or manage your flight on your mobile device, you can download the Spirit Airlines app for free from the App Store or Google Play. The app has similar features as the website, such as booking a flight, checking in online, managing your trips, checking your flight status, etc. You can also access your boarding pass on the app and scan it at the airport. When it comes to checking in for your flight, you have three options: - Online check-in: You can check in online from 24 hours to one hour before your departure time. You can do it on the website or the app. You can print your boarding pass or use the mobile version. Online check-in is free and recommended, as it can save you time and money at the airport. - Airport kiosk check-in: You can check in at the airport using a self-service kiosk. You can print your boarding pass or use the mobile version. Airport kiosk check-in is free, but you may have to wait in line or pay extra fees if you need assistance from an agent. - Airport counter check-in: You can check in at the airport with a Spirit Airlines agent. You can print your boarding pass or use the mobile version. Airport counter check-in is not free, as you will have to pay a fee of $10 per boarding pass. The customer service and the support channels

If you need any help or assistance with your booking or your flight, you can contact Spirit Airlines customer service through various channels: - Phone: You can call the Spirit Airlines reservation center at 855-728-3555. The phone lines are open 24/7, but you may have to pay a fe

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