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Mason Gray
Mason Gray

[S3E3] Persuasion

In both individual and group settings, students will explore the theoretical and practical aspects of howto persuasively market and sell their ideas, their vision, and their products to target audiences. At theconclusion of the semester, students will be prepared to influence in either a corporate, entrepreneurialor start-up environment, by applying core marketing principles, persuasion techniques, and pitch tools.

[S3E3] Persuasion

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This is your chance to apply the marketing, pitch and persuasion skills you have developed throughInnovate 3X03 to secure the funding you need to kickstart the launch of your special product. At theconclusion of your presentation, if the audience is excited to invest, you have accomplished your goal.

The Starfield dialogue system has had some information revealed, and will feature thousands of lines and a system similar to the Oblivion dialogue minigame. The game will also draw a distinction between regular dialogue - just talking - and the actual persuasion minigame in which you attempt to convince somebody of something, spending points on arguments until you fail or succeed definitively. 041b061a72

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