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Myron Kuzmin
Myron Kuzmin

Alone Yet Not Alone

He was left alone. Why, these eleven apostles that are round him, and to whom he is talking, surely they will not leave their Lord! They are so sure that they will stand any fire that may be directed against them; and yet not one of them will stand firm. They will all forsake him and flee. In the garden, the three who are his bodyguard will fall asleep, and the rest of the disciples will do the same; and when he stands before Pilate and Herod, none of them will be there to defend him; not a solitary voice will be lifted up for him.

Alone Yet Not Alone

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The sure ones left him whom they so certainly believed; and they were honest men, too, when they spoke so confidently. There was no hypocrisy about what they said, they meant it all; they did each one verily believe that he could go to prison and to death, and that he would do so rather than deny his Lord. In their own esteem, they were not boasting; they were only saying what they really intended to do. Here is the bitterness of your trial, when, in your hour of need, your good, honest friends are gone, your real friends fainting and weary. They cannot go your pace; they cannot confront the storm that you are called upon to face, and they are gone. Alas, for our dear Lord, what grief it was to him! They who were so confident, and they who were really true, yet, nevertheless, were scattered, and he was left alone.

"Alone, yet not alone, God's the light that will guide me home." The title song of the 2014 motion picture was written by veteran Hollywood filmwriters Bruce Broughton and Dennis Spiegel. Based on the soundtrack recorded by Joni Erickson Tada, this gentle anthem of assurance is a prayerful reminder of God's presence even through life's most difficult struggles. 041b061a72

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