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Mod Nude Resident Evil 6 Pc PATCHED


Leon:uPl00HeadLeonAsia - leon asia headuPl00HeadLeonDebugId - debug head leon (gives chris)uPl00HeadLeonOmake00 - pirate headuPl00HeadLeonOmake01 - pirate head 2uPl00HeadLeonOmake02 - re2 leonuPl00HeadLeonUsa - tall oaks leon headfor all heads are also variants like: uPl00ACHeadLeonAsia i assume these are cutscene headsuPl00LeonAsia - body asiauPl00LeonDebugId debug body (re4 like body)uPl00LeonOmake00 - pirate body reduPl00LeonOmake01 - blue pirate bodyuPl00LeonOmake02 re2 bodyuPl00LeonUsa usa bodyHelena:uPl01HeadHelenaAsia asia helena headuPl01HeadHelenaDebola head when helena carries debborahuPl01HeadHelenaDebugId debug helena headuPl01HeadHelenaOmake00 head for special costumeuPl01HeadHelenaOmake01 head for 2nd special costumeuPl01HeadHelenaOmake02 retro outfituPl01HeadHelenaUsa tall oaks helena headuPl01HelenaAsia asia helenauPl01HelenaDebola helena + debsteruPl01HelenaDebugId helena debuguPl01HelenaOmake00 special costume bodyuPl01HelenaOmake01 alternate specialuPl01HelenaOmake02 retro outfit bodyuPl01HelenaUsa USA helenaChris:uPl02ChrisAsia Asia chris bodyuPl02ChrisBad chris body from the opening (drunk in bar)uPl02ChrisDebugId debug chris bodyuPl02ChrisEurope chris europe bodyuPl02ChrisOmake00 samurai bodyuPl02ChrisOmake01 alternate samurai bodyuPl02ChrisOmake02 retro bodyuPl02HeadChrisAsia asia head chrisuPl02HeadChrisBad chris bad head (from opening)uPl02HeadChrisDebugId debug headuPl02HeadChrisEurope EU headuPl02HeadChrisOmake00 samurai headuPl02HeadChrisOmake01 alternate samurai headuPl02HeadChrisOmake02 retro headPiers:uPl03HeadPiersAsia piers asia headuPl03HeadPiersCanon piers head mutated j'avo formuPl03HeadPiersDebugId debug piers headuPl03HeadPiersEurope EU piers headuPl03HeadPiersOmake00 special costume headuPl03HeadPiersOmake01 alternateuPl03HeadPiersOmake02 retro headuPl03HeadPiersPersonal piers head opening sceneuPl03PiersAsia asia piersuPl03PiersCanon piers as j'avo bodyuPl03PiersDebugId debug piers bodyuPl03PiersEurope EU piers bodyuPl03PiersOmake00 special costume bodyuPl03PiersOmake01 alternateuPl03PiersOmake02 retrouPl03PiersPersonal body piers openinguPl0300InjArm - Piers's right arm. (the original human one).Jake:uPl04HeadJakeAsia jake asia headuPl04HeadJakeDebugId debug head jakeuPl04HeadJakeEurope eu jake headuPl04HeadJakeMonitor jake in "chinese prison" headuPl04HeadJakeOmake00 pimp head jakeuPl04HeadJakeOmake01 alternate pimp headuPl04HeadJakeOmake02 retro headuPl04HeadJakeSnow snow jake headuPl04JakeAsia jake asia bodyuPl04JakeDebugId debug jake bodyuPl04JakeEurope jake EU bodyuPl04JakeMonitor jake wearing only a towel (chinese prison jake) uPl04JakeOmake00 special 1 body (pimp)uPl04JakeOmake01 alternate pimpuPl04JakeOmake02 retro bodyuPl04JakeSnow jake in the snow bodySherry:uPl05HeadSherryAsia asia headuPl05HeadSherryDebugId debug headuPl05HeadSherryEurope eu headuPl05HeadSherryMonitor chinese prison headuPl05HeadSherryOmake00 special 1 headuPl05HeadSherryOmake01 alternate headuPl05HeadSherryOmake02 retro headuPl05HeadSherrySnow snow headuPl05SherryAsia asia sherry bodyuPl05SherryDebugId debug bodyuPl05SherryEurope EU bodyuPl05SherryMonitor chinese prison body (fanservice model)uPl05SherryOmake00 special 1uPl05SherryOmake01 alternate bodyuPl05SherryOmake02 retrouPl05SherrySnow snow sherryADA:uPl06AdaA - Ada bodyuPl06AdaB - Nude AdauPl06AdaCarla carla bodyuPl06AdaDebugId ada debug bodyuPl06AdaOmake00 china dressuPl06AdaOmake01 alternateuPl06AdaOmake02 retrouPl06HeadAdaA - Ada headuPl06HeadAdaB ada nude headuPl06HeadAdaCarla carla headuPl06HeadAdaDebugId debug ada headuPl06HeadAdaOmake00 china dress headuPl06HeadAdaOmake01 alternateuPl06HeadAdaOmake02 retro headagent:uPl07HeadHelper agent headuPl07HelperNormal agent bodyL4d2:uPl30Ellis ellis bodyuPl30HeadEllis ellis headuPl40Coach coach bodyuPl40HeadCoach coach headuPl50HeadNick nick headuPl50Nick nick bodyuPl60Rochelle rochelle bodyuPl60HeadRochelle rochelle headDebug character:uPl99DebugModelTest - re5 chrisuPl99DebugNormal debug body - weird re4 leon with blocky holsters on legsuPl99HeadDebug debug head - a handuPlEmo: Voices (Wait,Follow me,etc)uPlVoice: Effect Sounds (Example: Taunt)

Enemies, PNJ's and vehicles em1000 - China Javoem1100 - well dressed javo em1200 - Snowstorm Javo em1370 - Chrysalid em1400 - lost planet javoem2000 - Glava-Sluzem2010 - Glava-Smechem2020 - Glava-Begunatsem2030 - Glava-Dimem2100 - Ruka-Srpem2120 - Ruka-Khvatanjeem2140 - Ruka-Bedemem2200 - Noga-Trchanjeem2210 - Noga-Letem2220 - Noga-Skakanjeem2230 - Noga-Oklopem2300 - Telo-Eksplozijaem2310 - Telo-Krljushtem2320 - Telo-Maglaem3000 - Lizard thing which fires needles em3100 - Mesets (snowstorm birds) em3200 - Napad (secret enemy in s1102, big armoured mutation) em3300 - Beesem3300 - Debug mesh (also contain the crysalid cocoon em1370).em3301 - Debug mesh (also contain the crysalid cocoon em1370).em3310 - Debug mesh (also contain the crysalid cocoon em1370).em3320 - Gnezdo, queen bee.em3700 - L4D2 Tankem3800 - L4D2 Witchem4100 - Lepotista (Boss enemy you encounter in cathedral)em4200- Brzarkem4300 - Chainsaw bossem4400 - Iluzijaem4400_s504 - Iluzija (Always visible shader version).em4500 - Deborah em4700 - Rasklapanjeem4701 - Rasklapanje's upper body.em4710 - Rasklapanje's Right hand.em4720 - Rasklapanje's Left hand.em4730 - Rasklapanje's Waist's guts (upper)em4731 - Rasklapanje's Waist's guts (bottom)em4732 - Rasklapanje's Wrist's guts (right)em4733 - Rasklapanje's Wrist's guts (left)em4800 - Ogroman (4000 health in requiem)em5000 - Zombiesem5000 - Male Citizen Zombies.em5000 Axe - The Axe object alone.em5000 Base - (no model inside).em5000 Bomb - A grenade object.em5000 Cap - A cap object.em5000 CataAxe - An antique Axe from Catacombs.em5000 Catch - No model, there are only some animations.em5000 Citizen - No model, there are only some animations.em5000 Dummy - Some Bloodshot creaturesem5000 Eye - The rubi eye of Ada Chapter 2.em5000 FakeDead - No model, there are only some animations.em5000 Fire - No modelem5000 Geo - No model, there are only some animations.em5000 Hatchet - Sword (Something like a Machete).em5000 Helmet - Yellow Helmet with glass visor (Firemen).em5000 Helmet Light - Yellow Helmet with light (Worker).em5000 KKnife - A Knife object.em5000 Pipe - A Pipe object.em5000 Tooth - The golden tooth of Ada Chapter 2.em5000 Vest - A belt vest with several grenades attached.em5000 Weapon - No model, there are only some animations.em5005 - em5000 but with 2 dead human face textures. (palid skin)em5010 - Female Citizen Zombies.em5015 - em5030 - Formal male human.em5031 - Formal male human zombie.em5035 - Formal female human.em5036 - Formal female zombieem5050 - BSAA zombieem5060 - BSAA zombie (I don't know the differencies with em5050 yet).em5070 - Male zombie/human (Similar mesh to the em5000 again).em5071 - Male zombe/human (Similar mesh to the em5000 again).em5075 - Male zombe/human (Similar mesh to the em5000 again).em5080 - Female zombie/human (Similar mesh to the em5000 again).em5081 - Female zombie/human (Similar mesh to the em5000 again).em5085 - Female zombie/human (Similar mesh to the em5000 again).em5100 - Male civilian em5110 - Female civilian em5120 - Male zombie/humans (Similar mesh to the em5000 but with less files).em5120Base - No Model, just animations and things for male humans PNJ's.em5130 - Female humans (Similar mesh to the em5010 but with less files).em5140 - Hunnigan (cutscene only)em5150 - President ADAM (cutscene only) em5160 - Zombie president em5170 - Scientist human.em5171 - Scientist zombie.em5180 - Human cops. (it also contain a different texture which I think, is the rookie cop).em5181 - Police zombie em5190 -Human Fireman.em5191 - Fireman zombie (800 health in urban chaos) em5200 - Zombie/Human chineese with suits outfits (as zombies of Quad Tower roof).em5210 - Chinese Female Zombies.em5300 - It has the em 5200. (Chinese formal male).em5301 - It has the em 5300: Male formal pnj.em5310 - Chinese Female Human.em5311 - It's a copy of the 5310em5320 - Female UN hostage of the 6th floorem5330 - Female UN hostage of the 1st floorem5340 - Male UN hostage of the 7th floorem5350 - Policemen (human) (the body is the same than em5180)em5351 - Policemen (zombies) (the body is the same than em5180)em5400 - Catacomb Zombiesem5420 - Female zombieem5450 - Civillians (The Chinese guy and the owner of the weapon store)em5451 - The survivor policeman of the weapon store. (i remembered him more slim O.ò).em5452 - It's a copy of the 5450em5453 - It's a copy of the 5450em5454 - It's a copy of the 5450em5455 - The survivor red haired girl from the weapon store.em5456 - Man with the keycard in the mines (Jake chapter 2)em5457 - Woman of the underground train (Peter's wife/mother).em5458 - Liz's father.em5459 - Liz's head (human) (her body is one from the generic em5110)em5460 - Liz's ponytailem5461 - I't a copy of the 5455.em5462 - It's a copy of the 5450. em5490 - It's a copy of the 5400. Catacomb Zombies (aaarl, There you are >D , thanks god that I decided start by the end XD)em5499 - Child of the Secret Epilogueem5500 - Shriekerem5600 - whopperem5700 - zombie dog (default health is 120 in urban chaos) Em5800 - Europe BSAA SoldiersEm5810 - Finn MacauleyEm5810Head - Finn's Head model and texturesEm5900 - Asia BSAA SoldiersEm5910 - Marco, Chapter 3 soldier that dies from C-virus shotEm5913Head - Marco's head model and texturesEm5911 - Keaton First soldier that dies from snake BOW in Chapter 3.Em5911Head - Keaton's Head model. despite having a balcalva on in the game he has a face texture and that might ean you can remove the balcalva from his head model. i don't have 3ds max so i don't know for sure.Em5912 - Reid. he doesn't have a seperate head model because he shares it with the default BSAA SoldiersEm5913 - Jeff. Last soldier to die from the snake BOW. he has a shotgun unlike all the other soldiersEm5913Head - Jeff's head model and textures.em6000 - Simmons (train form)em6040 - Human infected Simmons with cuts (body)em6040 Head - Human infected Simmons with cuts (head)em7000 - Ustanak em7010 - Ustanak's arm (Predator standard hook).em7011 - Ustanak's arm (Needles from Jake's chapter 1).em7015 - Ustanak's arm (Similar mesh than em7010). (Jake's chapter 1 on the plane).em7020 - Ustanak's arm (Gatling Gun from Jake's chapter 1 ending).em7030 - Ustanak's arm (Drill from Jake's chapter 2).em7040 - Ustanak's cage for Jake. (From Leon and Jake crossover).em7045 - Ustanak's cage for Jake. (Similar mesh than em7045).em7050 - Ustanak's arm (Shotgun from Leon and Jake crossover).em7055 - Ustanak's arm (Similar mesh than em7055).em7060 - Ustanak's arm (Spike ball).em7070 - Ustanak's arm (Claws). (I don't remember this one, maybe in the battle against Jake at the end em7100 - There are not model inside, just several files which I don't recognize... (maybe something related with characters positions when are grabbed by Ustanak).em7200 - Other file with any camera info.em7300 - Cameras and an instace of the em7400em7400 - Ustanak with stomach wound (i.e. Ustanak after Jake's chapter 2 drills battle).em7500 - Ustanak burnt (Jake's chapter 5).em7600 - Ustanak clean (Similar mesh than em7000Base).em7900 - Ustanak's Okos.em8000 - HAOS(There are several files of HAOS em80_ _.arc, they looks cotains similar models and textures, but surely will react differently in a model swap).em8100 Carla's mutant clone.em8105 (Inside of em8100 and em8100SporeBase) Carla's mutant clone's birth egg.em8200 - Carla (cutscene only)em9000 - rats em9020 - dummyem9908 - snowmobile 153554b96e

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