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We cannot sharpen scissors, swords, machetes, lawn equipment or daggers (double edge blades) and any single bevel knives that are damaged and beyond repair. No sweat we got plenty of options for a new one in our store and all the sharpening equipment one needs

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As the name implies, in combat, Keyblades are used in a manner similar to swords. Despite the fact that most possess no actual cutting edge, Keyblades still make efficient combat weapons, and are shown to be particularly effective weapons against Heartless, Nobodies, Unversed, and Dream Eaters. However, as a downside to this, the Heartless use the Keyblade as a homing beacon, and thus Keyblade wielders are at constant risk of Heartless attacks at any time.

In addition to its base powers, it is possible to modify a Keyblade's appearance and powers by attaching various Keychains or Gears in the wielder's inventory. However, there are many Keyblades that do not possess a keychain for reasons unknown. There are other instances of the Keyblade changing form, such as when Riku's Soul Eater becomes the Way to the Dawn and when Roxas's two Kingdom Keys transmute into the Oathkeeper and Oblivion, but the mechanism behind these transformations is uncertain. In addition, Keyblade wielders can also transform their keyblades into other objects, vehicles, and weapons though it is hinted that Keyblade wielders can only do this after a certain amount of training. Terra, Aqua, and Ventus seemingly have this ability as they transformed their keyblades into vehicles they use to travel to other worlds. Sora also acquires this ability after his Mark of Mastery exam as he was shown to transform his Keyblade depending on the type of Keyblade he is using. Sora was shown to be able to transform his Keyblade into dual guns that fire magic bullets, a huge bazooka like weapon, and a chariot with a flying Pegasus.

Updated April 15, 2022, by Hilton Webster: Kingdom Hearts is a series that thrives on nostalgia, relying on you playing previous entries and loving them to keep you going forward. There's no doubt the Kingdom Hearts 4 announcement has plenty excited but the gameplay has changed plenty in each entry, and keyblades especially, with Kingdom Hearts 1's being much more reliant on stats.As a result we've updated this list to make sure you know exactly which blades to get your hands on.

There are a great deal of keyblades in the original Kingdom Hearts, and though they're not quite as tactical as they are in later games, being much more reliant on raw stats, the Wishing Star is the difference. It has decent enough stats, though does get outclassed. However, it also scores critical hits with ease.

Kingdom Hearts is based on a simple, if odd premise: what if Disney and Final Fantasy collabed? And seeing Cloud for the first time in the coliseum really is something. Win or lose in your first fight, you'll get another chance later, and the Buster Sword-like Metal Chocobo keyblade as a reward.

The thing is, it's somewhat redundant by the time you get it. It lowers your max MP, but compensates with increased reach and great power. But after beating the cup to actually get it, you'll already be able to get the superior Olympia keyblade which holds up across the game. But then, maybe the style is enough.

In addition, Keyblades can also be used as weapons. Most Keyblades have thick, blunt shafts that make them only suitable as bludgeoning weapons, while others do in fact have blades and can be used as swords. Either way, most Keyblades are wielded as swords due to their construction. Depending on the size of the Keyblade and its wielder, it can be wielded in either one or two hands. Some prefer to wield it in a "back-handed" style, holding the shaft along their arm rather that out in front.

In Final Fantasy XIII, Lighting or Claire Farron uses the Blazefire Saber. Even though this is the gun blade that she starts with, it performs serious damage. It almost looks like a huge switchblade but it's really a sword. This weapon works wonders for Lighting because it's a strong balance between Magic and Strength. Lightning is a rather sturdy individual, so this balance in a weapon is perfect for her. Plus, the Blazefire Saber can easily upgrade with lesser Experience Points than other weapons.

The weapon Save The Queen is Beatrix's weapon of choice in Final Fantasy IX. Save The Queen is a sword that has seemingly low Attack Power. However, it's Special Damage is incomparable. This is because it can increase game levels for whoever is using the sword. These game levels then produce stronger attacks on enemies which makes this sword extremely powerful. Beatrix can make this one of the most powerful weapons in the game since she's so good at using it.

Titus's weapon of choice in Final Fantasy X is one of the most creative weapons in the games. There are other versions of it in other games, but it's at its prime in X. This sword has a stunning design because it's essentially water in the form of a blade.

A weapon that looks like water is very fitting for the storyline of Final Fantasy X as well. Titus is underwater and finds himself at the beach a lot. This sword also matches Titus's down-to-earth personality and it's overall extremely unique. The unique weapons are usually very powerful as well.

The name for the Ultima Weapon is very appropriate because it really is, the ultimate weapon. The original version of this weapon is from Final Fantasy VI. However, there are many versions and forms of it in earlier games. The Ultima is a stunning blue sword that gives any protagonist that uses it great power. That's right. All protagonists can wield it. This sword has the ability to provide its wielder with more power the more Hit Points they gain. Therefore, users are getting stronger and stronger with each battle. Players have to get their hands on this one.

The Excalibur is essentially what it sounds like. It's a holy sword. However, Final Fantasy IV puts its own twist on it for the game. There are different forms of the sword throughout the games, but it is the strongest weapon in the 4th game. Side note; Final Fantasy IV is the first game in the series for Super Nintendo. The Excalibur has the wielder of Cecil Harvey and it is both legendary and powerful. This sword also has amazing details and designs on it, making it look like fire in a way. This sword has a combination of Attack, Strength, and Accuracy making it deadly for enemies.

Not only is Final Fantasy VII arguably the best game, but it has some of the best weapons. This weapon is the Buster Sword and the famous Cloud Strife wields it like nobody's business. His friend Zach Fear passes this sword down to him. Honestly, accepting a weapon from someone with the last name "Fear" is an honor in itself. Regardless, this sword is fairly simple-looking. It's just a sword with an enormous blade. This is no problem for Cloud though because he wields it like it's nothing.

It's almost unfair how powerful the Masamune is, especially because a villain is the one wielding it. The Masamune is from the famous Final Fantasy VII and the mighty Sephiroth wields it. Sephiroth has the reputation of being an extremely skillful ambidextrous former soldier who goes mad. However, the sword itself is mighty. It's an 8 foot-long sword that takes inspiration after Japanese culture. It's very simple but effective which are honestly the most deadly weapons. Players best be on their games.

In the manga, Robelu transforms Xeno Trunks' sword into the Key Sword so that he can use it to keep the hell gates open. The Key Sword allows Xeno Trunks to resist the attacks of the brainwashed Chronoa, and after transforming into Super Saiyan 3 he uses the sword to free her.

During the game, Xeno Trunks loses his Key Sword while scaling Mechikabura's Tower, while in the manga, Xeno Trunks loses it during the battle with Mechikabura at the tower's summit. In the game, the sword is later found by Xeno Bardock during his battle with Dark Broly, and he uses the sword to defeat the berserk Saiyan and free the Time Patrol from Mechikabura's void. In all versions, the sword is later retrieved by Chronoa, and fully charged by her, Tokitoki and Demigra. The fully charged sword is used by Xeno Trunks as a Super Saiyan God to weaken Mechikabura, giving Chronoa the opportunity to seal him away.

Video games have given players many great and magnificent weapons with which to topple villains and save the day, from the destiny-defying Soul Reaver of Legacy of Kain to the time-warping Eternal Sword from the Tales series. However, not all swords are forged equal. Some are poorly-suited to be swords at all, some have abilities with deadly drawbacks and some are just straight-up too evil to use.

These issues may or may not make these swords impossible to wield in their respective fictional worlds but, in reality, they would all be deal-breakers for any sword master worth their steel. Here are the five worst offenders in the regard.

The first Xenoblade Chronicles has one of gaming's most unique weapons, so it's a shame that the sequel's sword has so many problems. While Pyra is an excellent character, her blade has a critical design flaw that would make it impossible to use: it constantly emits flames towards its user. Worse still, they are constantly angled down at the very hands that grip the hilt, and only get bigger and stronger as the weapon outputs more power. Considering the Aegis' fire can melt solid steel, one can only imagine what it would do to flesh.

This problem never appears in-game, presumably because it would be a very short game if the protagonist's hands melted upon trying to hold their sword. Still, the Aegis has other issues. Its awkward shapes make it an ineffective weapon if its flames are ever quenched, and its life-sharing power leaves much to be desired. Saving wielders from death sounds fantastic, but the nature of the pact means killing one partner will end the other too. Pyra's Aegis can do amazing things, but it comes with too many caveats to really match the Monado. 041b061a72

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