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Steve Woods
Steve Woods


When the updater launches it may hang at the "finishing" message. Close the updater window if your DE allows it and the game will start. Requires the installation of d3dx9_43.dll from the June 2010 update to the DirectX9 runtime to get around the "thugpro.dll not found" error. Open a terminal and run winetricks d3dx9_43.It should be possible to map analog sticks manually in the registry by going to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\THUG Pro\Settings. Compare the button values for gp0 on a Windows installation and fill in the gaps.



"I am happy to confirm to Gavi's entourage that, indeed, there is a campaign against Gavi in Madrid as they call him a butcher. This is a very fair campaign, because he is actually a butcher and a little uncontrolled thug who permanently gets unpunished." 041b061a72

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