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Dragon Age Origins Armor Sets

The various pieces of each set can come from various tiers and still return set benefits. For example, a tier 4 (hardened leather) leather armor will reduce skill costs when matched with a tier 2 (cured hide) leather boots and a tier 1 (rough hide) leather gloves. However, tier 4 studded leather boots would not enable that benefit, belonging to another item set. Also, helmets are not required to complete most sets, nor do they usually benefit from being equipped with "matching" gear.

dragon age origins armor sets

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Wade's Superior Dragonbone Plate armor set is a massive armor item set in Dragon Age: Origins. It is one of the most powerful armor item sets in Dragon Age: Origins. It can be made by the master smith Wade in Denerim after the Warden has acquired the scales of a High Dragon.

There are two versions of this armor (normal and superior), Wade's Superior Dragonbone Plate armor set is the superior version of Wade's Dragonbone Plate armor set. To obtain the superior version you must pay 10 when getting the first set of Drake Skin Armor, or pay 20 when getting the second set. For walkthrough and more information on how to obtain the armor sets see the quests Drake Scale Armor and Dragon Scale Armor.

Juggernaut armor set is among the best armor for dragon age origins mage build, and it offers 20% fire resistance, cold resistance, electricity resistance, spirits resistance, and resistance to nature. With this weapon, you get an additional point for armor, and it gives you 10 points for mental resistance and 3 points each for strength and constitution.

Getting the best armor in dragon age origins helps you overcome the enemy, you will get some of the weapons automatically on your inventory. You will, however, have to complete quests and fights to get more powerful weapons that restore your stamina, add you willpower, strength, constitution powers, and the ability to fight back. Having the right weapons is critical in getting more points in dragon age origins and helps you progress in the game.

Wade creates the best Dragon Age Origins armor sets. He can craft light, medium and heavy armor sets from Drake and Dragon carcasses. However, you will need to provide him with these items. Find Drakes in the Wyrming Lair. You will need six Drake carcasses to create the first and superior quality drake armor sets. After you obtain them, see Wade in the Denerim Marketplace and ask him to make the armor for you. Note: If you are interested in having Wade create the superior Dragon Plate armor later, you will need to pay for the first two sets of armor. Otherwise this armor set will not be available to you. The first set will cost 10 sovereigns, the other will cost 25.

Updated on April 16, 2021, by Juliet Childers: Though still awaiting more news on the next Dragon Age game, many fans have revisited the older games. Perhaps some wanted to experience the narratives as a race they hadn't played before or a different gender. There's no denying that, as in our own world, the world of Dragon Age treats different people in various ways. From race-specific armor sets to unique dialogue options, here's how much race affects gameplay in Dragon Age.

Like height and physical appearance, harping on unique armor types might seem trivial. But "look good, play good" holds true no matter what game someone plays. Some armor sets, such as the Keeper armor above, are race locked.

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