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Office 2010 Professional Plus Volume License Iso Download

Note that for Office 2010 installed with a setup installer of retail channel, a valid product key is required to start the installation. Depending on the license encoded in the product key, the Office 2010 can be activated into trial version or full version product. For people who looking for volume licensing (VOL) edition of Office 2010 programs, there are ways to convert and change Office 2010 retail installation to volume (VL) installation.

Office 2010 Professional Plus Volume License Iso Download


Microsoft has released Office 2010 setup installers to MSDN and TechNet Subscriber Downloads for free download by the paid subscribers. The edition of Office 2010 released on MSDN and TechNet currently is Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus on retail channel version. Been on retail channel means that, unlike Office 2010 volume license version, users who try to install Office 2010 has to enter a product key during setup wizard to start the installation.Office 2010 Professional Plus include the following Office 2010 applications:

File Name: en_office_professional_plus_2010_x64_515489.exeSHA1: 7C2F2D5F8C273724EEC70A9EFA2DDD800FE3265FMD5: AED12A13590267B2653BE2AAA07A8FD1ISO/CRC: BFE0338CTorrent: MICROSOFT.OFFICE.2010.PROFESSIONAL.RTM.RETAIL.X64.ENGLISH-MSDN

File Name: en_office_professional_plus_2010_x86_515486.exeSHA1: 0E1840BF1AA81077692AF651BEFB75648CD9FAA7MD5: 3C25F66D31E3B18FFF8EF340BA21EC31ISO/CRC: 986EB4A1Torrent: MICROSOFT.OFFICE.2010.PROFESSIONAL.RTM.RETAIL.X86.ENGLISH-MSDN

File Name: ru_office_professional_plus_2010_x64_517243.exeSHA1: 0700C768ECE01AE638A9240756E03FFC8B68E321MD5: C5F04330C7C05DCC77E400C6A8460159ISO/CRC: 2CCC3C61Torrent: MICROSOFT.OFFICE.2010.PROFESSIONAL.RTM.RETAIL.X64.RUSSIAN-MSDN

File Name: ru_office_professional_plus_2010_x86_516161.exeSHA1: B8DF50AC35D2D57A8202E54E19562700D480D474MD5: F45BB9A1E1D3C97A5F49250F5AD17D42ISO/CRC: 23C144E6Torrent (Magnet Link): MICROSOFT.OFFICE.2010.PROFESSIONAL.RTM.RETAIL.X86.RUSSIAN-MSDN

Note that for all the retail distribution channel of Office 2010 setup installers above, a valid retail registration product key is required to validate the installation wizard before continuing to install the product. To avoid, skip or bypass product key entering during setup, download Office 2010 of volume licensing distribution channel.

The download tool uses MS TechBench as a source to generate the links. TechBench generally only carries downloads for retail licenses, not volume licenses. I could re-enable Office 2010 Pro Plus in the downloader --- if I had a suitable product key to integrate, however, that would still not help you with your volume license. 350c69d7ab

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