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Jose Morris
Jose Morris

The Three Johns Atom Drum Bop Rar _HOT_

Atom Shop is Nelson's second release on Discipline, and the culmination of his looking-back period. He elaborates that the underlying themes of the Practically Wired, After The Satellite Sings and Atom Shop trilogy are "'50s and '60s popular culture, anything from Beat Culture to alternative religion to science fiction." At the same time the music on the three CDs sounds very contemporary, leading to a strange juxtaposition with the '50s and '60s samples (of Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs and Chet Baker amongst many other things), images of '50s and '60s kitsch memorabilia on the covers, and offbeat lyrics that deal with anything from Beatnik to Buddha to sex. According to Nelson they are all representations of an "illusory, hallucinatory, mythical America that only exists in the imagination of the English mind", in this case the mind of the English boy Nelson in the '50s and '60s. It's an interesting juxtaposition with the drum & bass influences that permeate After The Satellite Sings (it actually sounds like it was a huge influence on David Bowie's Earthlings, which appeared later). Atom Shop also has a very modern sound, though on this album Nelson has gone for a "looser, more laid-back feel, with a few drum & bass songs." All in all, these albums appear to perfectly illustrate Nelson's assertion that "it's the duality, the fusion of high and low art, popular culture and esoteric culture, that interests me. I'm always fascinated by hybrid forms, the spark that occurs when opposites impact."

The Three Johns Atom Drum Bop Rar


"During one tour, we had the same transparent tubes on stage that were around the girl on the Sunburst Finish album cover. They looked like huge bottlenecks, and we had three of them, one to hold each member of the band, apart from the drummer. We also put smoke and tracer lights inside.

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